Characters come to life

Usha RK and Ananya Cultural Academy recently organised Patra Parichaya a comprehensive portrayal of some of the  mythological characters at Seva Sadan recently. The performers included kuchipudi dancer Sanjay Shantharam, Devaraju, Mithun Shyam and Gowri Sagar.

They were guided in this endeavour by their teachers Veena Murthy Vijay, Soundarya Srivatsa and Satyanarayana Raju. The characters Ravana, Karna, Shoorpanakha and Hanuman were portrayed respectively by Sanjay, Mithun, Gowri and Devaraju.

Usha, the brain behind the concept said, “This is a brilliant platform for these youngsters to get recognised. Youngsters these days rarely delve into the details as they tend to make a fleeting glance of it. But here, the junior performers had to do their share of research from the puranas to understand the essence of the character and portray all the details with utmost efficiency. It is nothing but re-living of the ancient format,” she added.
Mithun, who performed the character of Karna, said, “Karna is considered an unfortunate person in mythology. So it was a really big challenge to portray his role considering the mishaps in life. Yet, I had lots of fun learning to do this.”

Performers Devaraju and Gowri, who are students of masters in fine arts from Jain University, showed great excitement. The participants also informed that they have been rigorously practising for this concert for the past month and have put in their best.

Sanjay Shantharam stole the limelight by showcasing Ravana with an introductory piece known as Pravesha Daru in kuchipudi. All the guests at the event enjoyed this performance. Satyavathi, owner of Seva Sadan auditorium said, “It was an ultimate event and the performances were great. The whole flavour of veera rasa pradaana was evident in today’s show.”

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