Plenty of hopes and dreams

Plenty of hopes and dreams

Working Hard

Plenty of hopes and dreams

A new batch of excited students have entered ISBR. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) students, who are getting familiarised with their college through the orientation programme held by the Institute, have high expectations particularly about their placement. A few days into college, the students share their hopes and aspirations with Metrolife. 

Ritura Biswas, an engineer, says, “We are really inspired by the guest speakers and lecturers, who have shared their experiences with us. There is a lot of emphasis on personality development.” Ritura says that the welcoming nature of the City and the friendly environment in the College has already made her comfortable. 

Belvin Baz, who has taken up this course after having worked for six years, says that getting back to studies is a welcome break. 

“It’s a great experience although it’s just been a few days since we came here. It’s been a great learning experience so far,” he says. 

The batch has a number of students from outside the City. Saakshi Vij, who has completed BBM from Mumbai, says that she chose Bangalore because she wanted to learn to live on her own. When I was on a visit to Bangalore earlier, I had decided that I want to be here. So far, I have really liked everything here,” she says. 

“We are already being trained for the corporate world. It’s nice to see that everyone here gets an equal opportunity to voice their opinions. None of us are worried about expressing our viewpoints for fear of being criticised or laughed at,” she explains. 

Although College started recently, they have already started working on assignments. “We really have to work hard. Although the schedules are rigorous, we are learning a lot. We have already got an idea about how the corporate world functions, their needs, expectations from us and how we should present ourselves,” explains Archana Bali.

A lot of homework has been done by these students before zeroing in on the institution. “I came to the City in January when I  visited many colleges. I decided to choose this college since I was impressed by the placement record. We are working on group assignments till 9 pm. But it’s really fun and is a good way to get to know our batch mates,” he says. 

Shalini Swain from Bhubaneswar is here for the exposure. “Bangalore is the IT hub, with so many companies, and provides a lot of exposure. I find the atmosphere here very competitive, which was not the case in my hometown,” she elaborates. Nora Patnaik from Bhubaneswar says that the first few days have been very smooth. “It’s my first time away from home. But I have a lot of friends from Bhubaneswar,” she says. “The hostel facilities have surpassed my expectations,” she adds. 

Some like Shweta Singh from Jamshedpur, who has completed BBM, it is the opportunities here that brought her here. “I hope that I can explore myself. We have been told by our seniors to be sincere about everything we do and to take part in as many activities as possible,” says the marketing enthusiast.