Princess Diana comic book branded 'disgusting'

The book, ‘Female Force: Princess Diana’ documents some of the most painful moments in Diana’s life, including the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, the divorce of her parents and even a reference to her mother’s fling.

Margaret Funnell, co-founder of the Diana Circle UK, a group dedicated to the Princess’ memory, said: “It’s disgusting. Their feeble excuse is that they wanted to show the young people of America her life. They could have done it with lovely stories. They didn’t need to stoop to this.

“I find it quite cruel them showing the funeral. Had she lived until she was 85 and had a lovely life, that would be different. This girl lost her life in her prime. Comic means something to laugh at. I don’t find it at all comical and I wish they hadn’t done it. Anyone with half a brain who had a love for Diana will hate it.”
The 22-page book is published by Canada-based Bluewater Comics whose other titles have names like Claw & Fang and Pistolfist.
Events it illustrates include Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles and their lavish wedding in 1981. But it also shows the last days of her life when she went on holiday with Dodi Fayed and the Paris tunnel where they died in a car crash some 12 years back, the ‘Daily Express’ reported.
The bikini-clad Princess is pictured sunbathing and the text adds: “Just when her post-Charles life was coming together for her with her new beau Dodi Fayed, they were tragically killed.”

A sequence showing Diana’s funeral has the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, Princes William and Harry and Earl Spencer lining up behind her coffin.
Darren Davis, the Editor-in-chief of Bluewater Comics, said: “This series is about female empowerment, about women who have made a difference in the world. We cannot show Diana without showing the struggles and tribulations. It is not insulting at all.”

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