Corners for comfort in plenty

Corners for comfort in plenty

cosy One the popular haunts of the students.

Located in Jayanagar III block, the college is surrounded by a variety of food joints, lush green parks and temples.  Most of the students flock here during their free time.

The students are also fortunate enough to have a college canteen that offers healthy and seasonal food.

“Our canteen is student-friendly and takes care of all our needs. But junk food has no place in the menu. Only healthy and homely food are prepared as directed by the management. The place is hygienic and the price is also wallet-friendly,” says Rayyan, a final year student.

“Other than the canteen, our group will be seen hanging out on the stairs near the canteen. We share our thoughts and our lunch here. That is also the time when we pass remarks on others in the college. During lunch hours, we relax in the luxurious comfort of our auditorium,” adds Rayyan.

‘Lassi Park’, located outside the campus, is another hot spot for the girls. Fruit juices and chocolate drinks are greatly in demand. Mridula, who is a regular customer at the eatery, finds it a perfect place for small eats. “The outlet is specially known for its range of delicious juices and ice-creams. The tempting and mouth-watering blend of ice creams and chats are our favourites. In between classes, whenever we get time, we head for ‘Lassi Park’,” admits Mridula.

A hot sip of coffee with tasty snacks and chats are Abhilasha’s favourite food items.
A group of girls, led by Abhilasha, are often seen at the ‘Dosa Camp’ at Jayanagar. “Masala Dosa,” she says, “is a very popular item here.”

Imrana spends her free time in the campus itself. “As we have a good canteen and a sprawling campus, hang-out places are not a problem.

The long corridors, portico and platforms in the playground are excellent places to hang out,” she adds.