Journeying around the world

Journeying around the world

Different Shots

Prior to the release, the director called for a press conference recently. What was disappointing was the absence of actors Shivarajkumar and Sonal Chauhan, who essay the roles of the protagonists.  However, the rest of the cast made up for it by narrating their journey through the seven wonders of the world, where the movie was shot.

“To try out such an experiment is really commendable. On seeing the first print during dubbing, I was taken aback, especially by the visual impact the film brought out. Now we have to see how the audience will accept it,” says actor Chandrashekhar.

The overwhelming trip was special for each one in a different way. Actress Sangeetha says, “This is one trip I don’t think any of us will ever forget. What is even more memorable for me is the fact that my son has also acted in the movie.”

Generally seen in negative roles, Venkatesh Prasad, will be seen in a different role in this family-oriented movie. “I can’t help talking about Shivanna. We have always seen his energetic performances but in this movie, we see him bring in a whole new energy on the screen,” he says.

Also praising Shivanna was actress Kavya, who was mighty excited about the trip as she had travelled without her parents for the first time, “I learnt so much from Shivanna on this trip. I feared I was going to be branded as a character artiste but during the shooting, I realised that all the characters have equal importance,” she adds.

The trip turned out to be a learning experience for others too. Actor Tarun, for instance, says that he picked up a lot of  things interacting with the well-known cameraman Kabir Lal. “I picked up a lot of camera tricks and learnt how to handle the camera from Kabir. I got to see my dancing idol Shivanna in action. To me, this entire film and journey have lived up to my expectations and more,” he says.

The movie, that revolves around an orphan tour guide, who takes many families from different backgrounds around the world, was not an easy venture.  For producer N M Suresh, planning, getting permission and visas for 60 people, was an achievement. “Getting all the documents in order was such a task. But we were able to pull it off really well,” he adds.

Raghuram too didn’t expect so many complications. He recollects stressful times when they had to finish an entire sequence in one shot and also the lighter moments when he and the producer took off on a water scooter in Dubai and almost got drowned. “We can go on and on but the journey is still not over. We are yet to complete a shot at the Great Wall of China. It is getting difficult to get permission because of the damage caused by the Bollywood crew of Chandini Chowk To China. But in time we will get that too,” he adds.