Dilemma of today's youth

Dilemma of today's youth

The play Vakra showcases the conflicts faced by the youngsters who are bothered by the system

eye-opener From the play Vakra.

The play was an adaptation of the French play Moliarna Le Misanthrop. It basically revolved around the pseudo nature of society and was against the higher classes.  
Vakra has been cast in the Indian context.

The main characters are Harish and Lavanya. Harish plays the role of an activist, he is a man of values and principles.He hates the system and always criticises its functioning. Lavanya is a girl who is very open and interactive, treats everyone equally and holds no special feelings for anyone.

The other important characters in the play are Komala, Lavanya’s cousin, Shamanthaka, Vidyasagar, a poet and Lokesh.

The play shows the dilemma of present day youth who are bothered by the system. As the story proceeds, it gets hilarious, thanks to Vidyasagar, who plays the character of a drunken man.  It also gives the audience a break from the principles and values of Harish.

In the meanwhile Harish, Vidyasagar and Lokesh, are under the impression that Lavanya is in love with each one of them, and start building castles in the air thinking about her.

Ultimately, none of them get Lavanya and Harish becomes really depressed thinking that she has played around with his feelings.  The play ends with him leaving, and showing the audience a mirror which is twisted (which in Kannada is called Vakra). Murli, an artist who watched the play says: “The play basically showed the activist side of people in the society and the attitude of  people who just go along with the system. This contrast grabbed my attention and I liked the acting skills of each actor who came on stage.”

The lighting was good, the lights changed in accordance to the feelings portrayed by the characters.   Full use of the stage was made and also good props were used. The music was mainly Western.

Tara, a homemaker says, “The play was good, it gave me an insight about French plays. All the characters acted well and the jokes were also good.”

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