The mantle of responsibility

The mantle of responsibility

Student Council

The mantle of responsibility

Most students want to be a part of the student council at college and do their best. Recently, 44 students were selected as members of the student council of Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women.

These students, who were installed at a small function as part of their fresher’s day programme, were selected by their teachers and principal. Talking about their responsibilities, Shipra GS, the president of the council, says, “Compared to the past year, we aim to host college events that are simple and neat instead of being too grand and a mess, as the former leaves a much more lasting impression.” Among the many things that the group intends to do on campus, they will focus on cleanliness in the college premises.
“We are also trying to do our share for the society by contributing to an orphanage, and we intend to expand our projects according to the success of the existing ones,” she adds.

As a council member, Shipra elaborates that their role is to bridge the gap between the students and the management, by solving problems and assisting whenever they need help. “The class representatives should approach us for any changes or facilities required. We will try our best to present them to the college authorities,” says Shipra.

Lalitha Lakshmi N, a second-year BS student, who’s the vice-president of the council, elaborates, “Our responsibilities are distributed — from taking care of the guests to getting students involved in all events, the council has to take care of all things related to any event organised.”

About the plans for the coming year, Lalitha says that keeping the campus clean is one of the foremost points on their agenda. “Be it our campus quadrangle, classrooms or anywhere on the campus, we make sure that food and other items are not just left around,” she voices. Lalitha adds that one of her primary roles includes making everyone in the council feel heard and assist the president of the council.

While some want to ensure smooth flow and management of events, others wish to make sure that varied events are conducted. Cultural secretary Shruthi says she wants to make sure that the college takes part in other college fests in the City. “All cultural events have to be well managed. One of my goals is to get a well-structured dance team in place so that we can be a part of many more fests and events across the City,” says Shruthi.
She adds that as a cultural secretary, she also feels that it is her responsibility to recognise and provide a platform for good talent.

To help the council work smoothly, there are general secretaries like Sireesha N, a third-year BCom student. “It’s all teamwork and despite some roles being specified, the council’s role is to stick together and get the task done. Despite the duties being segregated, often whenever an event is hosted, things will have to be coordinated. We try and bridge those gaps and do chores which might be back-end work.”

As a student council member, like her fellow union members, Sireesha agrees that there are responsibilities. “One needs to be very patient and be able to handle things
in a mature manner,” she wraps up.