Survey predicts hung Assembly

Survey predicts hung Assembly

BJP likely to get 32, Cong 27 seats; Kejriwal to harm both parties

The BJP is likely to emerge as the single largest party in a hung Delhi Assembly, ABP News-Nielsen Mood of the Nation survey said on Thursday.

The survey predicts that the Bharatiya Janata Party was likely to get 32 of the 70 seats while the now ruling Congress would win 27 seats.

Assembly elections in Delhi are due this year. Arvind Kejiwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is seen gaining from both the Congress and BJP.

It is expected to win eight seats while the Bahujan Samaj Party would hold on to its two seats. The survey said minus AAP, the BJP would have gained another 15 percent of votes, making it the clear winner. The survey was carried out between Aug 14 and 20 for ABP News-Nielsen.

 A total of 7,084 respondents were surveyed. Corruption, inflation and unemployment were likely to drive the election agenda, it said. AAP is perceived to bring down corruption and the BJP to control inflation.

The switch of voters from Congress to BJP is mainly due to inability to control inflation (36 percent) followed by increase in corruption (28 percent).

Switching from Congress to AAP is similar - failure to control inflation (26 percent) and rising corruption (25 percent).

However, BJP still faces an issue of projecting credible leaders as 28 percent people are likely to switch their voting intention from BJP to AAP because of the leadership issue. The survey indicates that the Congress hasn't been able to connect with the younger generation.

Those in the 18-23 year group (42 percent) are the unhappiest lot. They tend to penalise the government most on major issues. The Delhi government is seen to have performed terribly on some sensitive areas.

The performance of the Congress and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has been rated poor. Dikshit’s performance was rated “below average”.

Nearly half the respondents (45 percent) rated Dikshit’s performance over the last five years as poor or very poor. Twenty-six percent of the respondents see Vijay Goel of BJP as a suitable chief ministerial candidate, AAP’s Kejriwal gets 24 percent of the share while Dikshit has the support of 22 percent.

More than half the total respondents (66 percent) say that the Congress government should not get another chance to govern Delhi.
The Congress has ruled the capital since 1998.