On a trip through tales

On a trip through tales

Puppet Show

A bunch of excited school children were treated to a story-telling session on Teacher’s Day.

   The event, organised by Target India, also included an entertaining puppet

   The celebration involved teachers and children from Jeevodaya and Yuvalok Foundation.
Roopa Pai, a children’s author, narrated a story from her book ‘Taranauts’.

   The interactive session saw children eagerly participating. They were then taught to solve English and Math puzzles while reading a story from her first book ‘Shyn Emeralds’.

   “I was a little doubtful as to how the children would react to a science-fiction story. But I was surprised and amazed that they responded very well. What’s important is to make any story exciting,” said Roopa, adding that the challenge in story-telling is holding a person’s attention, particularly that of children.

“Children don’t mask their boredom. So we have to keep coming up with ideas to keep them entertained. While a writer can be reclusive, a story-teller has to engage with a live audience,” she explained. She added that many of
her stories are based on science.

“The stories have shown that science can be made fun. It should be taught to them in an interactive way rather than in a text-bookish manner,” she added.
The children trooped in for a puppet show by Rangaputhali Puppeteers soon

   The troupe brought to life tales of Tenali Raman, which had the children laughing at the emotions of the puppets.

 Children and teachers were all praises for the entertaining session. The kids said they enjoyed the change from the routine. “The story was thrilling and I enjoyed listening to it. After the session, it was fun solving the puzzles,” said Rebecca from Yuvalok Community School.

Srikanth S, another student from the same school, said that he usually reads comics and this story was a different one.

   “Even though I usually prefer reading comics, I liked this story too. My favourite character was Zwala,” he said.

Angel Prithika from Divine Mercy Learning Centre School said that what caught her attention were the characters in the story.

“It was interesting to hear such a story. Although I have seen puppet shows on television, it is the first time that I am seeing it live,” said the class three student.
Teachers too felt that the simple session was a good effort to entertain the children.

   “We ourselves haven’t been to a session of this sort. For these children who come from a less privileged background, it was a good chance to meet many others. The story was narrated in simple English and we had a lot of fun,” said Mary Grace, a teacher from Divine Mercy School.