Bolt, Fraser-Pryce dominate again

Bolt, Fraser-Pryce dominate again

Jamaicans claim plum events to wrap up a memorable season

Bolt, Fraser-Pryce dominate again

World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt powered away late in the race to destroy his rivals and win the 100 metres in 9.80 seconds at the season-closing Diamond League meeting in Brussels on Friday.

Bolt, who won 100, 200 and 4x100 relay golds at last month’s World Championships, was one of several Moscow medallists in action.

After a poor start, Bolt’s acceleration over the second half of the race was again the difference in a 100 metres featuring six of the finalists from Moscow.

Bolt, performing fewer of his customary pre-race theatrics than at previous meetings, said despite the win, he was not satisfied with his start.

“My reaction time was very poor, I think it was my slowest one for the season,” the 27-year-old told reporters.

“I'm just really bad at starting. I think if you watch most of my races you see I'm coming from behind to get back into the race.

“There's no time to slow down. As soon as I pass my competitors, there's the line,” he added.

American Michael Rodgers was second in his season's best of 9.90 and Jamaica’s world bronze medallist Nesta Carter was third. Justin Gatlin, second to Bolt in Moscow, finished fourth.

Bolt’s compatriot Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has been the dominant women’s sprinter this year and the World and Olympic champion set a meeting record of 10.72 as clear winner of her 100 event.

“I don't think about times, I just focus on execution. I know once I've executed what I can do, I know that I'll set a good time,” a delighted Fraser-Pryce told reporters after wrapping up the gold.

Jamaican Warren Weir, silver medallist to Bolt in the 200 in Moscow, edged compatriot Nickel Ashmeade over the longer sprint for victory in 19.87 seconds.

A host of other world champions also enjoyed victories, including Ethiopia's Mohammed Aman in the 800 metres, Russian Svetlana Shkolina in the high jump and Croatia's Sandra Perkovic in the discus.

Results: Men: 100M: Usain Bolt (Jam) 9.80 seconds, 1; 2. Mike Rodgers (US) 9.90, 2; Nesta Carter (Jam) 9.94, 3. 200M: Warren Weir (Jam) 19.87, 1; Nickel Ashmeade (Jam) 19.93, 2; Walter Dix (US) 20.12, 3.

400M: Martyn Rooney (Gbr) 45.05, 1; Jonathan Borlee (Bel) 45.05, 2; Matteo Galvan (Ita) 45.35, 3. 800M: Mohammed Aman (Eth) 1:42.37, 1; Nick Symmonds (US) 1:43.03, 2; Ferguson Rotich (Ken) 1:43.22, 3. 5000M: Yenew Alamirew (Eth) 12:58.75, 1; Bernard Lagat (US) 12:58.99, 2; Hagos Gebrhiwet (Eth) 12:59.33, 3.

400M hurdles: Jehue Gordon (T&T) 48.32, 1; Omar Cisneros (Cub) 48.59, 2; Javier Culson (PR) 48.60, 3. Pole vault: Renaud Lavillenie (Fra) 5.96 metres, 1; Konstadinos Filippidis (Gre) 5.74, 2; Augusto de Oliveira (Bra) 5.74, 3. Triple jump: Teddy Tamgho (Fra) 17.30, 1; Christian Taylor (US) 16.89, 2; Will Claye (US) 16.88, 3.

Shot put: Ryan Whiting (US) 21.45, 1; Georgi Ivanov (Bul) 20.95, 2; Ladislav Prasil (Cze) 20.79, 3. Javelin throw: Tero Pitkaemaeki (Fin) 87.32, 1; Vitezslav Vesely (Cze) 86.67, 2; Antti Ruuskanen (Fin) 83.64, 3.

Women: 100M: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jam) 10.72, 1; Alexandria Anderson (US) 10.97, 2; Carrie Russell (Jam) 10.99, 3.

400M: Natasha Hastings (US) 50.36, 1; Amantle Montsho (Bot) 50.41, 2; Antonina Krivoshapka (Rus) 50.51, 3.

1000M: Nelly Jepkosgei (Ken) 2:35.43, 1; Winny Chebet (Ken) 2:35.73, 2; Yekaterina Kupina (Rus) 2:36.45, 3.

1500M: Abeba Aregawi (Swe) 4:05.41, 1; Mercy Cherono (Ken) 4:05.82, 2; Hellen Onsando Obiri (Ken) 4:06.92, 3.

100M hurdles: Dawn Harper-Nelson (US) 12.48, 1; Sally Pearson (Aus) 12.63, 2; Cindy Billaud (Fra) 12.69, 3.

3000M steeplechase: Milcah Chemos Cheywa (Ken) 9:15.06, 1; Sofia Assefa (Eth) 9:15.26, 2; Hiwot Ayalew (Eth) 9:15.85, 3.

High jump: Svetlana Shkolina (Rus) 2.00, 1; Anna Chicherova (Rus) 1.98, 2; Emma Green Tregaro (Swe) 1.96, 3.

Triple jump: Caterine Ibargueen (Col) 14.49, 1; Kimberly Williams (Jam) 14.34, 2; Olha Saladuha (Ukr) 14.31, 3.

Discus throw: Sandra Perkovic (Cro) 67.04, 1; Gia Lewis-Smallwood (US) 64.82, 2; Melina Robert-Michon (Fra) 63.45, 3.