A competition between classes

A competition between classes

The campus of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College recently came alive as the students hosted ‘Chrysalis 2013’, an inter-class literary, fine arts and cultural fest. 

The event was spread over three days and was open to both PUC as well as degree students. 

Both the participants and spectators had a great time during the fest, putting their best foot forward to showcase their talents.

In the literary section, events such as caption, essay and poetry writing, ‘What’s the Good Word?’, crosswords and pick-and-speak were conducted. 

Students who were interested in IT could take part in competitions like ‘IT Jam Up’, a quiz and even a game of Pictionary based on the subject. 

Artistically-inclined students were spoilt for choice — several fine-arts events were organised, including mehendi designing, cartooning, vegetable impressions, eggshell painting, bindi designing, face painting, ‘Art from Waste’ and flower arrangement. Interesting competitions like nail art, poster-making, window display and soap art were also conducted.

The students had a great time selecting which events to take part in. 

The best part about the fest was that it gave the degree and PU students a chance to interact with each other. 

Besides this, there were also cultural programmes like vocal solos, a fashion show, group dance, folk dance and even mime. 

Each class participated as a team and there was a lot of healthy competition as to who would win.

The union members, who put in every effort to ensure that the fest went off smoothly, were delighted with the result.

 Priyanka, one of the cultural secretaries of the college, says, “I enjoyed this a lot and am sure that all the participants and teachers had a great time too. Everything went off well as planned — we’re quite happy about it!” 

They also admit that they learnt a lot in the process of putting together the fest. While Ashika, also a cultural secretary, labels it a ‘learning experience’, Evangeline, the president of the college, says, “It was a fabulous experience of conducting 36 events in three days — in coordination with the cultural teachers — in a short period of time.”