Combing operation successful: ADGP

Combing operation successful: ADGP

Speaking to media persons here on Friday, Infant said the main aim behind the combing operation was to make police personnel familiarised with the terrain.

Meanwhile, another objective was to wipe out the fear in people’s minds and building confidence in them.

Public contact programmes were organised during the three-day combing operation. Attempts were made to study the problems faced by the people in the areas.

Priority was given to chalk out permanent solutions for the problems encountered by the people, Infant said. The month-long discussion comprising the higher police officials ended in designing the blue print of the combing operation, he said adding that the experience amassed by the police personnel during the operation will be beneficial in future to counter the challenges posed by the naxalites.

“The entire squad was well equipped to counter any attack. Sophisticated technology and arms were used during the operation. This kind of combing operation will be a frequent phenomenon,” Infant said and added that public came out with open support during all the three days.  “There exists relatively low socio economic problems in all these areas. Hence, naxalism is an utter failure,” he opined adding that naxal activists can return to the mainstream of the society.

Normal life not affected: IGP

“The joint combing operation has in no way affected or disturbed the normal life of the people in the region. The entire saga alleging policemen of disturbing the life of the people is far from truth and ridiculous. It is only an allegation levelled by the so called intellectuals,” said IGP (Western Range) Gopal B Hosur.

The recent Lok Sabha polls had exposed the insignificance of naxals in the area.
Their influence was forcibly curtailed to the extent that there were not even minor untoward incidents recorded in the naxal prone areas, Hosur said adding that police were alert to counter any sort of attacks from the naxal infiltrators.

Naxalism has not gained significance in the past 8 years compared to other parts of the country. Police Department here is very strong. As many as 15 naxals were killed in the police encounter in this region, Hosur said.

Recently, villagers in some of the areas have decided not to support the naxals and maoists. Police were successful in tracing and arresting those who were responsible for distributing the pamphlets in the region.

Search will continue to arrest others involved in the incident, he said adding that two naxal supporters were arrested in Sringeri police station limits recently.

ANF DIG Amrith Pal, Udupi SP Prawin Pawar, Uttara Kannada SP Raman Gupta, Chikmagalur SP M N Nagaraj, Dakshina Kannada SP Dr A Subhramanyeshwar Rao, Shimoga SP Murugan and others were present.