Food on wheels

Food on wheels

Trolleys restaurant is a place that serves some unusual and tasty appetisers

As you settle down, an attendant with a trolley strolls up to your table. Going by the name ‘Trolleys’, serving on trolley is an obvious but welcoming gesture in this restaurant. What you get from it, is a plate of chaat-papdi. There is nothing unusual about it and you may find it tastes like the one being served in one of your favourite chaat shops anywhere else in the City.

But the distinction of the Trolleys restaurant in Khan Market, lies in its variety of salads, soups, array of appetisers and main course dishes in both vegetarian and non-
vegetarian fare.

Starting with salads, the Organic Greens salad with wine poached pear, toasted pine nuts and maple balsamic dressing was not wondrous as it was not properly tossed. Similarly, in soups shorba Roasted Cauliflower Broth with garlic chips failed to be a delight. The excessive creaminess neutralised spices.

However, appetisers came as a big surprise. They were exceptional in terms of ingredients and taste. In non-vegetarian, Sharabi Kebabi Tikka, succulent chunks of chicken cooked in the tandoor flambéed with rum turned out delicious. The chicken was really tender and juicy.

Likewise Galouti kebab, (tender patties of lamb kebab and a mouth watering delicacy of Lucknow) was moreish. The restaurant’s speciality Pathar ka kebab too, made from baby lamb leg and marinated with special mixes of spices was lip-smacking. Machi Basil Tikka comprising succulent morsels of fresh water fish marinated in fresh basil, tasted good even without too many spices.

Similarly in the veg section Kacche Kele aur Anjeer ke kebab (crispy patties of raw banana and dried figs flavoured with ginger and mint), Makai Aur Mirch Ki Seekh, Tandoori Bharwan Mushroom and Khadey Masala Ka Paneer Tikka (cottage cheese marinated with spices) gave a relishing and refreshing taste of Indian flavours. Even the Melting Mozarella with Wasabi Mayo were crunchy and scrumptious.

In the main course, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Steak flavoured with herb polenta and black pepper blaze failed to soothe the taste buds as chicken was not juicy and the dip provided with it was bitter. In veg Paneer Badami Masala, cottage cheese cooked in almond rich tomato onion gravy tasted ordinary. But when taken with Amritsari Bharwan Kulcha, there was a flux in taste and it turned out to be tasty.

The menu also boasts of a variety of risottos and biryani, homemade pastas and pizzas. Their speciality Pesto and Ricotto Tortellini in sundried tomato and olive coulis was good. Also, whole wheat crepes with stuffing of fine grated vegetables and ample of cheese over gave a fine flavour of Mediterranean food.

In desserts, ice cream in sandalwood flavour was something you would love eat more and more as it gave a soothing and cool feeling when melted inside mouth. The Baklava was very fresh and crunchy too, with the outer layer thin and crispy. But Shahi Tudka with Ras Malai turned out to be average.