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Last Updated 20 September 2013, 15:26 IST

Even in sickness there can be wellness. It’s the spiritual ability to say, “My body isn’t at its best, but I am robust and healthy.”

The Master enlightens, “A feeling of well-being is not dependent on the physical state just as happiness is not dependent on material wealth.”

We must understand that death may be near or distant, but life is already here, right here. Life is always pumping energy into us as it doesn’t want us to fall into inertia. Life has a persuasive eloquence urging us to heal, to be as active as possible.

And it’s amazing that many of us do not accept life in exactly the same way we do not accept death. Acceptance is the deepest form of relaxation. In utter acceptance, you catch the radiance of being completely alive.

Look at the delightful chutzpah of Grandma Gauri: One Monday, she gazes at the living beauty reflected in the mirror and finds she has only three hairs on her scalp. Chuckling with amusement, she weaves the three hairs into a plait and has a splendid Monday. On Thursday, she realizes with wonder that now there are only two hairs. Lovingly, she brushes them in a backsweep and has a rapturous Thursday.

On Sunday, she savours the sight of one valiant hair left on her scalp. She tenderly ties a tiny bow on it and sails out to have a Sunday showered with smiles. Come next Wednesday and she sees not a single hair left. “Excellent!”she exclaims in the glad tones of one set free. “I have so much more time now to do so many more things!” And off she goes to embrace a glorious Wednesday…

To accept gives a special quality and greater capacity for attention. There’s clarity too along with the sharpened awareness that you can consciously choose to have a good time rather than be sucked into negativity.

Your mind has a mind of its own. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.  Constant pruning and preening is required. Master your mind so as to not let negative weeds grow.

An illness is not a time to fear dying but to become sensitively aware of what’s to be given rather than taken so that we contribute to a larger happiness—ours and others—in living. As much as a doctor needs to have a good bedside manner, so does a patient for his or her own peace. In healing the wounds of our own hearts we cure our illness. Or atleast live in wellness despite it.

A painkiller may take care of the pain; deep acceptance takes care of the suffering.    

(Published 20 September 2013, 15:26 IST)

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