Ultra-marathon today

Ultra-marathon today

Over 600 ardent runners will take part in a race of six categories --  12.5kilometre, 25 kilometre, 37.5KM, 50KM, 75 kilometre, 100 kilometre -- to be run dirt and tarmac in Our Native Village resort, Hesarghatta.

The third edition of the ultra-marathon will have the highest number of runners participating compared to previous editions.

The organisers, Runners for Life, have added the 12.5 KM category this year. “We added this category to help new runners not lose the flow of running.” said Arvind Bharathi, Manager of Runners For Life here.

This year’s ultra-marathon will see a higher number participation from other states.
“It (Bangalore) is an amazing place to run a marathon,” said Bhaskar.

“The weather plays a vital role and it’s unlike any of the marathons I have run in,” added Bhaskar, who has run in a  number of marathons around the world and will be running in the 50 kilometre category.