India to be newest country to have negative voting

India to be newest country to have negative voting

India Friday was set to join a select club of nations, including France, Brazil, Finland and the US, where the electorate have the option of negative voting.

The other countries are Belgium, Greece, Ukraine, Chile, Bangladesh, Sweden, Colombia and Spain.

Of these countries, eight countries have the NOTA (none of the above) option the apex court gave to the voters in India Friday. However, right to exercise NOTA by EVMs is done in France and Belgium only, while those using ballot papers to exercise NOTA are Brazil, Greece, Ukraine, Chile, and Bangladesh as well as the US's Nevada state.

Finland, Sweden, US, Colombia, and Spain exercise their negative vote either by casting a blank vote or a "write in" vote, allowing a voter to cast a vote in favour of any fictional name/candidate.

In Finland, Sweden and the US, one can exercise negative vote through either option, while in Colombia and Spain, the voter can exercise negative vote by casting a blank vote on the ballot paper.

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