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A degree from the University of Glasgow is not only about education, but also includes life in a multinational and multi-cultural environment that enables one to build a bright global career, reckons Binu Tharayil.

I believe that the prospective candidates to universities abroad will primarily be looking for information on selection of course/university, funding and what happens after graduation.

Course selection probably will be easy as most students will have confirmed it by the time they start looking for universities. I decided to do a Masters in Mechanical Engineering soon after completing my Graduate Membership Program in Mechanical Engineering with The Institution of Engineers (India). I rated University of Glasgow to be the “Best Value for Money” from the search I did from India and now realise that it was a correct judgment. From my experience, I can assure that you will never feel helpless in the University of Glasgow. The lecturers, your course advisor and international office/advisor are always there for your help. The University usually will also have representatives operating in major cities across India, mostly in connection with British high commission offices and British libraries.

As far as funding is concerned, I consider it as an investment that you make for your career. And in my experience the most appropriate choice to make that investment is to do a globally accepted International degree. When I joined, Glasgow University was quite flexible about tuition fee payments. If I remember correct, I made the full payment in three installments. I also booked a University accommodation after confirming the seat and would strongly recommend you to do so to make sure you will get a comfortable place to stay once you’re in Glasgow. The University halls of residence are a fantastic place to start your life in the UK as a student. It’s hassle-free and conveniently located within walking distance to the University.

Now I believe the most obvious question that you all may have would be what happens after graduation?

I would describe the decision to join University of Glasgow as the best I made in my life till date. Looking back, I’m quite happy in the way how things turned out in the last few years.

There are loads of opportunities globally once you’re qualified from a university that is consistently improving among the world’s top 100. At the same time, it is not only Education, but the life experience in a multinational, multi-cultural environment  you build a bright global career.

I understand that there are confusions among the prospective students over the new visa regulations. But I assure you, once you complete your International degree from a reputed University like Glasgow, “Sky is the limit”. If you’re talented and want to achieve something in life and ready to try and raise the bar continuously, then this would be a right choice for you.

I would like to share my post graduation experience here as an example, but it would be inappropriate to compare my situation with yours. As I mentioned before, it is completely up to you to benefit from the whole load of opportunities that are open to grab once you complete your degree.

I completed Masters in September 2009 and got employed in a Graduate job by August 2010. In between that, I attended a few interviews with world renowned companies, but I couldn’t get through. My failure in getting through the interviews has nothing to do with my degree; I blame myself for my initial failure. But then again, later they turned out to be for good. I started off as a Design Engineer in a world renowned rotating equipment manufacturing company and still with them, enjoying my job. I also received couple of very positive offers from Middle East during that period, but I decided to stay in the UK.

I must admit that I was late in starting to apply for jobs; you could actually start looking for jobs on the very day you’re in UK. Most graduate jobs are advertised 6-9 months ahead, so you need to be prepared for that. There are areas where Industry still faces skill shortage, like experienced and qualified professionals in general, and Engineering in particular. At the same time you don’t necessarily have to look for a job in UK alone, your degree from University of Glasgow could earn you a job around the globe.

All I can tell you at this point is, opportunities are there around the globe, you just need to look for them and find the best. What you need is talent, international exposure and good academic record to get a job in a multinational environment, be it in the UK or elsewhere.

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