Being original and experimental

Being original and experimental

Colour Co-ordinated

The day one of BeYu Fashion Awards 2009 set the stage for five of the most successful designers from across the country to showcase their creativity, talent and fabrics. And what burst forth on the awards night in the City last weekend were designs that were original, experimental and unexplored.

The music and Prasad Bidapa’s choreography lent the right props for each of the designers’ collections. Jason Cherian and Anshu wove a fancy concept of the environment. Their garments were designed around the theme of electric green. “It’s an optimistic call for developing an eco-friendly surroundings. It’s fun, colourful, chirpy and contemporary in its theme,” says Jason Cherian. The duo attempted to present a graphic, bold description of the environment.

Amanda Bachhalli chose to slip into a more easy going casual wear. “My collection is for all those who want to go on a holiday. I have designed a perfect pack-up baggage. It comprises a swim suit, casual wear, resort wear, a black dress perhaps for a night out,” says Amanda.

She used aqua, purple and influenced them with pink. "My collection has vestiges of the 1960s and 1970s in them,” she says. Amanda says her collection cuts off from the more chic high end look and she chose to recommend dressing for those who intend to take a break.

Raj Shroff kept away from embellishments. He wanted his collection to be more electric, signifying youth and had a certain unstoppable energy about it. “There’s a sense of subtlety in my work. They are a blend of landscape and texture. There’s no motif,” says Raj. He played with the more darker colours and stayed away from the brighter ones.  

Namrata G's collection was simply “girl next door”. “It’s a no fuss collection. It’s all about being yourself and doing your own thing,” she quips. She liked to describe her work as chic, simple yet elegant. “It personifies femininity and youth. It’s a do it yourself kinda of collection,” says Namrata, who largely confined to black, grey, white and contrasted them with red.  The evening also saw actor and producer Anuj Saxena walk the ramp.