For the passion of it all

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For the passion of it all

Metal fans will surely love their energy for Zygnema’s heavy beats are indeed infectious. The thrash and groove metal band, which boasts of dealing with social and political goof-ups, comprises of Jimmy Bhore on vocals, Sidharth Kadadi on guitars, Leon Quadros on bass and Mayank Sharma on drums.

‘Zygnema’, which was formed in December 2006, started rolling only in 2007 and already has many awards to its credit, which include ‘Best Metal Band’ and ‘Best Metal Song’. The band was also chosen as part of the ‘popular choice category’ of Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2011. This Mumbai-based band is set to release its next album by the end of the year.   

Their debut album, ‘Born of Unity’, released in 2010 has a few catchy numbers like ‘Scarface’, ‘Theory of lies and negation’, ‘59’, ‘Discriminate’ which got a good response. “We like working at our own pace. We’re in no hurry. Over the years, we have matured as musicians and now that we are more experienced, we have better production of ideas,” points out Sidharth Kadadi. “We are looking forward to the end of this year when we will be releasing our second album. But we haven’t yet found a name,” he adds.

The band has sold 1,200 copies of its album in three years and the members are elated with the response. “Generally, an established band sells around 1,500 copies. So, we’re happy with the response. The sales were particularly good in Germany, Dubai, Bangkok and Oslo,” informs Mayank. Sharing their experiences of performing in Bangalore, Jimmy explains, “It was great performing in Bangalore. People here are as enthusiastic as those in other cities. The only difference I find here is that Bangaloreans support the older style of metal performances, but people in places like Mumbai like modern metal versions,” explains Jimmy. So, where does Bangalore rank in heavy metal? The group refrains from answering that. “We love Bangalore but we’d prefer not commenting on this,” says Sidharth.

The band has had a change in the line-up early this year with the bass player parting ways but they say that there has been no transformation since then.

“Since only one member has changed, we didn’t feel any difference in our style of music,” they say.

With heavy metal bands being a small but close-knit community, they say that there is hardly any competition. “We help each other and none of us are out to make money through this,” says Sidharth. The band is looking forward to playing in Nepal in the beginning of November.

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