Day of fun and creativity

Day of fun and creativity

The two-day techno-cultural extravaganza React 09, organised by the Department of Chemical Engineering, R V College of Engineering was a huge success with the students. More than 500 students from 30 engineering colleges participated in events such as paper presentation, poster presentation, chemical quiz and chemical pictionary as well as cultural events like fusion dance, karaoke, Hollywood quiz and more.  

The cultural side featured innovative events such as Cluedo and React-a-thon and several informal events like movie making, photography, anti chess, three-legged race, blind penalty shootout, darts and collage were popular with the students.
During the poster presentation, the participants were each given an opportunity to display their artistic skills and creativity on the theme Chemical Engineering. Students depicted complex theories and chemical reactions in a simple manner using different colours and materials. “The purpose is to enable the participants to display the subject content in a poster format. The response was so overwhelming that we were inspired to conduct two separate sessions," said Muralidhar P L, the faculty of the department.

Chemical pictionary was a fun-filled one where participants blend chemical engineering concepts and acting skills. It consisted of several rounds such as processes, equipment, companies and books related to chemical engineering. Cluedo, the theatrical event attracted the maximum participation. The stage event dealt with a murder mystery where the participants had to identify the murderer after interrogating the team members. Mona, one of the contestant said, “In the preliminary round, we were asked to solve puzzles and later we were supposed to enact a short play on murder mystery. It was fun, challenging and a totally wonderful experience”.

Karaoke, an enthralling activity gave an opportunity to those who may not be great singers but true entertainers. The music of the song of their choice was played and the contestants sang along.
React-a-thon, a unique competition was conducted for those who can think out of the box. The participants thoroughly entertained the audience by acting, singing, dancing or doing crazy stuff to win the prize. Holly Grail, a quiz competition for movie buffs, was all about Hollywood. Literary events like worst romantic one-liner, five line short story, epitaph writing and other informal events including Queen of Sheba and Tarot cards were rather unusual and interesting.

The fest draw large responses from colleges in Coimbatore, Anna University, Andhra University, BITS Goa and TSEC Mumbai and also Belgaum, Dharwad, Davangere and Tumkur.