A tribute to fans

A tribute to fans

A tribute to fans

It was Golden Star Ganesh’s dream to dedicate the music of his first home production Maleyali Jotheyali to the people who made him what he is today.

“It was Ganesh’s idea. He wanted to dedicate the music to the people who made him a big star,” says Preetham Gubbi, director of the film.

Weeks before the launch of the music, there was a small contest where few people were selected to launch the CD.

Composed by Hari Krishna, the movie is said to have seven songs sung by Sonu Nigaam, Shaan, Vani and a few others. The Golden Star too has sung one of the songs, “The songs are excellent and it is the highlight of the album,” adds Preetham.  

Speaking about the movie, which he dubs as a movie for all age groups, Preetham says, “Everyone will surely enjoy the film. Fans haven't seen Ganesh for a long time. So through this movie, they can expect to see him in a role that people want to see him in,” says Preetham.

Maleyali Jotheyali is woven around three strangers who meet in one place. Dubbing the movie as a wonderful  experience, Preetham says, “Most parts of the film are shot
in the rain but the very first day, we didn’t need any rain for the shot. But to our luck, it started pouring and we had to delay the shot.”

Preetham is said to have shot majority of the scenes    using real rain itself.
Now with many of the songs already a hit, one can only wait and watch what the movie has in store.