The fast and the glamourous

The fast and the glamourous

Speed thrills

The fast and the glamourous

Karna Kadur and Pooja Gandhi.

It was one event that all motor sports and car enthusiasts wouldn’t have missed for the world.

The Auto Mall — 2009, which was held in the City for the first time, showcased some of the rarest and the most stylish cars and bikes of various brands.

Inaugurating the event was actress Pooja Gandhi and ace ralliest Karna Kadur.
Not much of a car enthusiast, Pooja hoped that through such exhibitions, she would be exposed to a variety of cars.

“I am not much into cars and bikes, but I do have my eyes on an Endeavour, that I wish to purchase for myself,” said Pooja, who enjoys long drives from time to time.
Despite being a car racer, Karna sure did make it a point to promote safe driving. “There is a lot of glamour in driving fast but one must also be aware on how to drive safely to avoid undue accidents,” he said.

Making a career as a rally driver, he says, is not as easy as it looks. “Apart from it being an expensive sport, it is also a long process and one really has to master the art of driving on the race tracks first and only then get into it professionally,” he added.
As for the exhibition he said, “It looks promising but hopefully in the coming years, more brands will take part.”