'We can't use satire in movies'

'We can't use satire in movies'

'We can't use satire in movies'

javed jaffry

One of the earliest dancing stars of the country, Javed Jaffery still finds solace in shaking a leg. For him, dance is an expression of joy. Proud to be a part of the longest running reality show on TV, Boogie Woogie, he said, “The show is respectful and honest and that is the secret of its success.” He also informed that there have been occasions when the judges have stopped a performance half way, like when they found an eight-year-old child dancing to Ae Ganpath chal daru la and also another time when a child was making vulgar gestures.

“The poor kids don't even know what steps they are doing. They just dance the way they are taught,” he added. Another reason for the long running of the show might be because they haven't included the audience voting for eliminating the participants.

He has dealt with children, their success and failures from a very long time. How difficult is it to tell a child that she or he is not into the next round? “The children are manageable, they just cry for sometime and then they are fine. The parents are tougher to manage. Some of them come back and ask us what is wrong with my child? How can you explain something like that?” he said.

Javed has done comic roles in many movies like Singh is Kingg and Dhamaal, and he feels it is the most difficult emotion to portray. “It is very stressful to do comic roles. You say something funny with the intention to make people laugh and when you get no reaction than you try harder. This strains your mind,” he said. In personal life, Javed is quite a serious person, but people expect him to crack jokes in parties and gathering.

On rampant use of double meaning dialogues in the name of comedy in Bollywood, Javed said, “More than 70 per cent of the audience who come to the theatre don't understand very high funda comedy. We can’t use satire in movies because that wouldn't be appreciated by majority of the viewers.”

For someone who has tasted both, success and failure, Javed is philosophical. “Failure is very essential for an artiste’s success. It helps one grow, but it is important not to breakdown.”