Executives hauled over charcoal

Executives hauled over charcoal

Baptism by fire

Executives hauled over charcoal

A corporate employee walks over embers during a workshop in Amritsar on Thursday night. PTI

A group of 30-odd corporate executives underwent a unique workshop on stress busting in Amritsar on Thursday where they were asked to undergo a range of activities aimed to make them corporate toughies. While some of them walked over burning coals, others bent steel rods with their necks or broke bricks with one fell swoop of their hand.

All this was done to make them tough and confident to face hardships of the corporate life. The theme of the workshop was “discover the power within” and was aimed at imparting orientation in leadership, effectiveness and stress management.

“Results cannot follow unless people take action. The aim of these activities was to give them confidence and motivate them to cross barriers and succeed,” said P S Rathore, a motivational speaker who ran the workshop organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Rathore said if the participants could undergo these tough activities with their chin up, it would give them confidence to accomplish any task in life.

Participants were enthused by the freshness of activities than mere lectures on leadership and management.

One of them said: “The workshop has boosted by confidence. I feel better equipped to face people and situations in life now.”