Learning the German perspective

Learning the German perspective

The students of the International Institute for Project Management, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Germany, was here in the City recently to take part in a case-study programme organised by Acharya NRV School of Architecture. The delegation comprised of a batch of 30 post-graduate students, who were accompanied by Prof Dieterle. They visited the Acharya NRV School of Architecture as part of the programme. The delegation had students from Latin America, Africa and Asia too.

These students got a chance to understand the nuances of managing huge infrastructure projects in India. The initiative helped them understand how these projects can be managed with limited resources and the technological aspects of the projects. For many students, the programme offered a first-hand experience of working in a different culture and a better understanding of the system here. Interestingly, the students said that facilities like Wi-Fi and other equipment, which aid in learning, reminded them of the infrastructure back in their colleges. Dylan, a student, said, “All these facilities are similar to what we have in our universities. It is good to know that students here too are well-acquainted with the latest technology.”

While learning about the infrastructure development in Germany, the students of Acharya NRV School of

Architecture got an opportunity to introduce some of the popular infrastructure projects in India to them. Darshan Gowda, a student, said, “Interacting with the foreign students and faculty gave us a broader perspective about architecture as a profession. It helped us understand the work opportunities that exist across the world. Now, as students, we know what to choose as our career and where that would take us.”

Through the programme, many students who knew little about the work culture in Germany, understood how the Germans work. Sahithya, another student, said, “What really impressed us about them is their way of working on projects. Germans are precise in their work and have an eye for detail. Their way of administration is also very interesting.”

The students, in fact, learnt more about the universities in Germany. Inspired by their way of teaching, many wanted to go abroad for higher studies. 

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