Rejuvenate and calm your frayed senses here

Far from the madding crowd, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy City, sited at the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road is the Garden of Five Senses. As parks and lush greens gardens go this is not your regular park, it is a breathtaking experience, where stone and verdant foliage create a medley that leaves the senses rejuvenated and soul sated.

The Garden of Five Senses is a place where people go to find a quiet corner to meditate, to commune with nature and generally to soak in the sun on a cold winter day! The Garden of Five Senses, developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, is the answer to the City’s need for leisure space for the public, for people to socialise and unwind and yes, as the name suggests stimulate and calm the harried .

Dilliwallah’s frayed senses

The 20-acre site, located at Said-ul-Ajaib village has majestic rocks that stand silhouetted against the sky, others dot the landscape in a casual yet alluring display of nature’s sculptural genius. It is an ideal place to get in touch with oneself and one’s responsibility towards the environment and Nature.

The artwork in the garden is dynamic. About 25 different sculptures and murals have been created and displayed, making it one of the largest collections of public art in the country. The sculptures, created by master craftsmen are a symbol of modern art, yet the arches and domes of the building, have a distinct Mughal-era feel. There is also an extensive use of terracotta pots and Rajasthani phad art symbolising the exquisite and traditional art forms. Most of the artworks are contemporary and include sculptures by Enaz, Radhakrishnan, Subodh Kerkar, John Bowman, Kristine Michael and Ratnabali Kant.

Divided into distinct areas, the Garden boasts of a spiral walkway, the Khas Bagh, a formal garden patterned on the lines of the Mughal Gardens. Then there is the
central axis which leads to a series of fountains, some of which are lit up by fibre-optic lighting systems. On the other side of the walkway are the food and shopping courts.
Another area leads to a rocky ridge where elevated amongst the rocks, a sculpture in stainless-steel, inspired by a pin-wheel, dances in joy. Next to it is the Neel Bagh, a pool full of beautiful water lilies.

Talking about flora, almost 200 varieties of plants have found a pride of place at the Garden of Five Senses. In an effort to not tamper with nature, large areas of existing vegetation, consisting mainly Kikar and the thorny Ber bush, has been left

Goes without saying that the Garden is one of the ‘must visits’ in Delhi.

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