Wife-beater husband to do chores as punishment

An alcoholic husband, who used to beat his wife habitually under the influence of liquor, has been handed out a ‘sentence’ that directs him to do the entire household chores all by himself for one month beginning Tuesday.

During this warning period, the man has also been asked to take care of his three small children without any assistance of his wife, be it dressing them up for school each morning or preparing their lunchbox. His everyday task for one month will require him to wash clothes, clean utensils and even sweep the floor, something which he had taken for granted as a woman’s job all these years. 

Madhavi Lochab, the Women Protection Officer of Jhajjar district in Haryana, talking to Deccan Herald on Wednesday said if the husband refuses to mend his ways during this period, or even afterwards, he would be booked under relevant sections of the domestic violence Act. His activities in the next four weeks will be under the scanner to see whether or not he performs his task diligently for the good of his family, she said.  “The idea is to teach him a sense of responsibility.

His chances of going to jail now depend upon his performance in the next 30 days,” she said, adding that she has asked the husband to give Rs 2000 to the wife for her pocket expenses while she stays comfortably at her parents place in the village during this period. 

The husband, Ramesh, has been warned against consumption of liquor. Madhavi said his sisters and mother, who used to interfere in the everyday life of the couple, have been asked to stay away from them.

The couple have been married for eight years and have three kids, the oldest one seven-year-old and the youngest yet to mark his first birthday. Ramesh is a small time welder in the local market.

The matter came to light last week when the woman complained to the police women’s cell accusing her husband of beating her. The case was referred to the women’s protection officer for counselling. Madhavi said the wife had injury marks on her body and the husband needed to be hauled up.

The youngest child will be with the mother for one month, she said. Normally, in such cases, the officer said, the police refers the matter to the district woman protection officer to ascertain whether or not there’s  scope for reconciliation.

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