A sea of delicacies


Authentic Chinese seafood in Bangalore is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Thanks to Vivanta by Taj’s ‘Sea Food Market Night’, which started on December 3 and will go on till December 15. Bangaloreans can sample the sea fare at the Chinese restaurant, Memories of China.

From tangy pomfret to crispy prawns tossed in flavourful sauces and toppings, the menu is a mixed bag of colours, tastes and palates. What adds to it is the innovative way in which these dishes are plated by Chef Lai Hin Tong William.

“Chinese cuisine is never complete without seafood, especially in Hong Kong, where I come from. In fact, seafood is an indispensable part of Chinese cuisine. I’ve been cooking seafood for many years and have various special ingredients that I will showcase in the dishes,” says chef Tong.

Foodies can choose from lobster, prawn, crab, fish, mussel, squid and cuttlefish. The menu includes 25 seafood dishes which have been cooked in 20 different types of sauces. The starters consist of a variety of dishes like spicy burnt garlic deep fried prawn.

Made with a host of fresh ingredients and spices, this dish is a ‘must-have’ for any prawn-lover. Other dishes like fried prawn with preserved golden egg yolk; deep fried prawn with ginger, garlic and soya; crispy fried fish fingers ­– salt and pepper, Shanghai smoked fish fillet, golden fried lady fish – Hong Kong-style and seafood spring roll are also in the offing.

The fish, seaweed and silken tofu with egg white soup is quite different not only in its appearance but also taste.

The egg white and tofu are a great combination and are quite refreshing for the taste buds. For those who would like to try out different soups, there is prawn with spicy lemon grass clear soup apart from crab meat sweet corn soup and assorted seafood vegetable clear soup as well as mince lobster with golden pumpkin thick soup.

The main course has stir-fried lobster with egg white and black roe, steam lobster topped with garlic Cantonese style, scallop and asparagus with egg white fried rice among other interesting dishes.

Chef Tong explains that he has displayed more than 20 different cooking styles and the dishes have been exclusively designed for the seafood market night. “We have used fresh ingredients and there is an assortment of different tastes and flavours which will be plated for the guests.

A lot of thought has been put into how these dishes are made and presented,” he explains.

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