The battle to be the best

avid quizzers

Quiz competitions seem to be a part of every fest or event that happens in Bangalore of late.

While some feel that the quiz associations and competitions need to add variety to make them more interesting, several others feel that it is boosting the quizzing culture in the City.

It is not just colleges that have quiz competitions; many corporates have also picked up this trend and are conducting day-long quiz sessions. Pavan, a professional, says that quiz competitions are a part of almost all the HR events that happen in his work place. “We have a couple of events like ‘Ethnic Day’ in the office throughout the year and there are quiz competitions in almost all of them. It is almost like a routine for us and now, we have a slight hint about the kind of questions that will be a part of them. Incorporating questions from different fields and adding variety can make these events very interesting,” says Pavan.

Jasel, who is one of the founders of the quiz association in her college, says that colleges in the City are known for their quizzing culture and that is one of the reasons why so many avid quizzers from all across come here to participate. “Having participated in various quizzes conducted across Bangalore, I have learnt that the quiz competitions in other colleges, especially the ones known for their quizzing culture, host quality quiz competitions on various mainstream genres like sports and entertainment, general, business and technology.

However, this can be taken to a whole new level by including off-beat genres like music, food and beverage etc. This will encourage more participation and not make quizzing a niche area of interest,” she says. She adds that there is no overload of these events in Bangalore and it would be great if more such events take place at the college level.
Others, like Rohit, feel that the quizzing scene in the City has only improved over the years and though it needs to be revamped, it is encouraging many youngsters to come up, participate and know more.

   “Today, there are more people who are willing to take part in a quiz competition or even watch them as members of the audience. Having such events in more colleges and forums is promoting the quiz culture that Bangalore is known for. There is definitely room for improvement but I don’t think that the quality is suffering. There are plenty of options for avid quizzers like us. Also, more number of quiz competitions in the City signifies that more people are taking an interest in it and that it has a wider reach,” says Rohit.

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