Break-ups can be dangerous!

Break-ups can be dangerous!

B-3Kannada (U/A) ***Director: Ghan ShyamCast: Srikanth, Harshika Poonacha and others

Boy jilts girl. Girl ditches boy. And film makers play havoc with easily swaying minds. Sample B-3, a ‘revenge’ saga that features Gautam, a TV executive and Anu, his new colleague. Smitten by her, Gautam pursues Anu till she yields. All is fine till Gautam leaves his job and begins looking for another. Anu wants him to ‘settle’ soon so they can marry but a tiff ensues. Soon, Anu drifts towards Punith. It doesn’t take long for Gautam to find out that he’s been duped. He’s totally wrecked before deciding on killing her. Will he succeed or not is the plot selected for B-3.

The director peels off the superficial layers of ‘quick love’ but falters as well. So much so that there’s zero intensity between Srikanth and Harshika, that peeps in the two duets they feature. By interval, it is plain the script is looking for ideas, though the youth, mostly male, are not complaining.

Targeting girls for the heartless, callous creatures they are, each dialogue celebrates the heroic love and affection only men and boys are capable of. 

Post interval, nay, close to climax, story seems to pick up, showcasing Srikki’s and Harshika’s talent (the girl would do well to ditch her baby-voice, fast), with tension building up slowly. The climax, however, leaves little to expect, even Harshika’s homily on the pitfalls of love fail to hold the audience back in their seats. 

Anoop Seelin’s music, Muralidhar’s camerawork and Kanaka’s artwork are splendid and plus points of B-3.

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