When reason, logic are abandoned

When reason, logic are abandoned

When reason, logic are abandoned

Adhi Parashakthi
Kannada (U) ¬¬
Director: Vemagal Jaganathrao
Cast: Vinaya Prakash, Jai Jagadish, Thilak and others

Fantasy and devotion towards gods are a combination that filmmakers find hard to resist. If all other genres fail, these two will somehow rescue them from the doldrums, or so they believe. And so the hapless audience gets pelted with film after film that supposedly highlights the greatness of one deity or the other while also getting a glimpse of famous pilgrimage spots at the price of the cinema ticket. And the special effects, of course!

Adhi Parashakthi, in one way, scores over Navashakti, showing 18 deities residing all over Karnataka. Barring this, there's nothing to look forward to in the movie. 

Usually, such films ensure the plight of the devout are long-drawn and well-etched out (?), tailormade for the female folks in the family mostly. The director here ensures the audience doesn't catch the suffering Vinaya Prakash undergoes, perhaps knowing that the average movie watcher these days doesn't care to be reminded of “actual” sufferings and the like. In the process, the plot resembles that of scores of tele-serials ruling many households today. 

Thilak, with clean-combed hair and docile expression, throws in a surprise, but that is not sufficient. Jai Jagadish goes through the motions. The others barely pass muster.The explanation for Origin of Divinity starts off well but the film fails to capitalise on this.

Known for his Tulasi Dala, the director disappoints big time. The temple tour and actual travails of the family are disjointed with nothing to bind them. A short film would have had much better treatment. 

Perhaps, it is time for those interested in exploring divine myths to go back to the drawing board, and get their research thoroughly verified before sitting down to jot the script. Music and cinematography fail to register. 

Adhi Parashakthi induces bored yawns and little else.