Ganguly lashes out at Jaisingh

Ganguly lashes out at Jaisingh

Justice A K Ganguly lashed out at Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaisingh, a day after she made public excerpts from an affidavit of the law intern, who had accused the former of sexual harassment. Jaisingh had brought to open parts of the girl’s statement during a recent visit to Kolkata.

The retired Supreme Court judge, who has been identified as having sexually harassed the intern at a hotel in Delhi in December 2012, questioned Jaisingh’s method of bringing to public a confidential document.

“That is supposed to be confidential as it was given before a Supreme Court committee. How can it come out in the open,” Ganguly questioned, while talking to reporters in Kolkata on Monday.

When asked by a news agency in the city whether he would lodge a complaint against making parts of the affidavit public, Justice Ganguly said: “What can I do? Who is listening to me?” He also refused to comment on the affidavit, parts of which have been published in a national daily.

“I’ll not say anything on this,” he said. The girl, who passed out from the Kolkata-based law school, National University of Juridical Sciences, recounted in detail what happened to her, when she was called by Justice Ganguly.

Her account was given in a sworn affidavit before a three-member panel appointed by the Supreme Court.

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