Interesting themes on canvas

Interesting themes on canvas

Arty Party

Art shows in the City are often lively social events with just the right mix of artists, art lovers and socialites spending some quality time together. This particular art show was preceded by a book launch The Expediency of Colour written by the artist herself and was well-attended. Rekha Rao, daughter of well-known artist K K Hebbar, has many friends and well-wishers in Bangalore judging by the number of people who packed themselves into Time and Space Art Gallery.

They studied and discussed her paintings that were displayed, bought copies of her book and lingered late into the evening sipping glasses of wine and platters of hors d’oeuvres. The art itself was a collection of interesting canvases woven around the theme of textiles, primarily cotton weaves. Juxtaposed with evocative faces of Bollywood stars from yesteryears, the paintings were largely swathes of sombre greys, earthy browns and shades of green. While soft yellows, russets and burnt orange filled the background, the foreground had motifs of fabric designs, looms, yarns and  weaver's hands in motion.

“Cotton fabric is a symbol of freedom literally covering millions of our people. It was the inspiration behind this series which is a tribute to the producers and consumers of cotton in our country,” said Rekha. Some of the visitors loved the abstract nature of the paintings. “Like a good abstract artist, the non essentials have been removed from her work leaving the eye free to focus on the softly woven borders, the pastel motifs and the softly smudged outlines of shapes and forms,” said Sushir Seth, an art collector who also had a collection of Hebbar's work.

“I’m afraid I don’t really understand abstract art but I love the beautiful and sensitive faces of the old movie stars juxtaposed with the large abstract panels and the soft soothing colours,” said Yvonne Pinto, who was ensconced in a corner away from the milling crowd. Like most animated social gatherings, the conversation moved onto to different topics with old acquaintances catching up and new ones made before the crowd called it a night. The show is on till November 24 at Gallery Time and Space, Lavelle Road.

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