Towards a passion-based career

Towards a passion-based career

Towards a passion-based career

Aditya Tandon, who is pursuing his undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering at Southampton University’s School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), shares his experience of studying at one of the most renowned universities in the UK.

There are people who choose certain subjects for studies focusing on its career prospects and then there are those who choose a subject because they are passionate about it.  I consider myself in the latter category. Electronics had been my choice from the beginning because of my fondness for physics. I was keen on designing and building electronic devices so choosing electronics as a course for my graduation turned out to be one of my best decisions so far.

Having spent my formative years in Bangalore, I was always eager to study abroad but wanted to shortlist an apt university for pursuing my choice of course for graduation. Electronic Engineering was the obvious choice of course and after coming across the University of Southampton and getting to know about its reputation as the best in Electronics across the UK, I was convinced about its quality of education.  

The best part about choosing the M Eng course in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton was that it is a four-year integrated course that would acknowledge me with a master’s degree unlike the traditional B Eng followed by an MSc Besides, the university has bestowed me with ample opportunities to explore myself.

This is where I have met people from distant backgrounds, who have helped me appreciate the diversity that exists in the modern world, thereby enhancing my communication skills. My course curriculum helps me work with internationally respected academics and experience world-leading research as it happens, with access to state-of-the-art resources.

I've designed a processor as a part of a project in the university. With the help of the faculty at the University of Southampton, I had topped my class during the first two years at university and was among the top ten in my third year.

University of Southampton possesses excellent entrepreneurial relationships with business and industry. As an undergraduate student, I have availed the benefits of their strong links by grabbing an internship with JP Morgan which is a prestigious multinational firm. This was possible through the University’s career fairs where we could interact with JPM employees, thereby acquiring a better understanding of the company’s standards. The University had also organized trips to the JPM site in Bournemouth where we could see the offices and have mock interviews to improve our interview skills.

As a person I am excited to try new things and love engaging myself in fun, challenging activities even though I am quite focused on prioritising between different tasks.  I've taken part in a 24x7 programming competition organised by the IEEE. My love for fencing helped me grab a position among the top 10 in a national beginners fencing competition in Warwick. I also took part in a Latin and Ballroom dancing competition. However, at present, I am the Secretary of the University’s India Society wherein I hold the responsibility of providing structure to the society and help carry out its work in an organized manner.

Choosing Southampton for higher studies was indeed one of the best decisions made so far as being here has not only helped me transform my passion for electronics into a career but has also helped me indulge in my hobbies for reading, badminton, football, fencing and exploring new places. As a modern city steeped in history, combined with a vibrant mix of recreation facilities, culture and entertainment, the city and its surroundings offer a rich resource for students, initiating learning into an all-time rage.