Cold wave sweeps Bijapur

Bijapur district, which is known for scorching summers, is experiencing an unusually cold winter this season by recording a minimum temperature of 7.5 degrees Celsius. It is only during noon that the temperature rise a little higher.

While local people believe that the backwaters of the Almatti reservoir is responsible for the change in climate, meteorological experts say it is the direction of the wind that determines changes in weather condition.

Effects of the cold

The drastic fall in temperature has brought along a slew of seasonal ailments in the people of Bijapur. 

It has also come as a boon to certain crops like groundnut, wheat and white corn in the rain-starved region. 

However, crops like onion and grapes have been adversely affected by the cold weather.Dr H Venkatesh, weather expert at the Regional Agricultural Research Centre attributed the cause of the cold wave to high pressure regions in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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