Stock them up this winter


Nothing spells winter fashion the way stockings do. Netted, multi-hued, tattooed, or plain nude, just about every variant under the sun is available in Delhi markets this season.

What caught our eye are the intricate patterns on tattooed stockings that almost give an impression as if a tattoo is embossed on your skin, sans the pain. How cool is that? Metrolife spoke to experts to check out the trends in stockings this season.
“Winters for fashion-oriented females is all about layering – dresses, skirts, overcoats teamed up with a pair of stylish stockings. Winters are a perfect time to experiment with colours, layers, styles etc,” says Praveen Sinha, co-founder,

And his helpful tip to the young fashionistas is “To dress for a stylish party, where one wants to show off a bit, a pair of fishnet stockings with a simple black dress and black stilettos works brilliantly. Big, bold, patterned tights may not be appropriate for office wear. A better choice may be a pair of  simple, opaque tights in a dark or neutral colour. A simple tight in black or dark brown will coordinate nicely with wool dresses and skirts and will keep your legs warmer than a sheer pair of hose,” advises Praveen. While you jazz up your winter outfits, these stockings will come handy in making a unique fashion statement.

Mithun Gupta, director, Bodycare International Limited, avers, “This season semi-nude and nude stockings will surely become a trend apart from the one-side netted stockings. Fishnet stockings and nude-heel stockings without any knit in the area which covers the heel are in demand as well.” Snazzy in looks, do these stockings anyway help in keeping the cold at bay? Mithun says, “Woollen stockings are extensively designed for warmth. The material used is thick, and these are also semi-designed with lace as well as net.”
While you buy all these trendy avatars of stockings, try some vibrant variants for stuffing your Christmas stockings this year.

And we leave you with the famous story behind this festive tradition. Dropping gold coins down the chimney anonymously, Saint Nicholas’ helped to draw a poor nobleman and his daughters out of misery. That’s how the legend goes. The gold coins landed in the stockings hung up for drying around the fireplace, ergo the tradition of Christmas stockings took shape.  

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