Tradition to technology, Krishi Mela has it all

Over 600 stalls showcase almost everything pertaining to agriculture activities
Last Updated 20 December 2013, 20:40 IST

Over 600 stalls showcasing the latest in agricultural technology, methodologies, organic produce, artifacts, flower bearing plants from across the State attracted farmers and general public from all over, at Krishi Mela organised as a part of Alva’s Vishwa Nudisiri Virasat -2013 at Vidyagiri in Moodbidri on Friday.  

As one enters the Krishi Mela venue, one could see a replica of a field. On all the sides of the field were brinjals and ‘basale’ plants. As one moves forward, there were stalls on farm equipment. 

Farmers from different parts of the State had the chance to have a feel of a range of modern agricultural implements kept on display. Curious-looking farmers were seen visiting the different stalls and taking a look at an assortment of modern farm equipment even as the stall owners explained them the salient features of the instruments. 

They also witnessed live demonstration of some of the instruments and interacted with the stall owners to acquaint themselves with their features, advantage over the conventional instruments and so on. A few stalls on equipment also provided details on subsidy available from the government for the purchase of the equipment. 
‘Byadagi menasu (chilly) house by Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rrural Development Project (SKDRDP) unit of Haveri, paddy house, ‘jowar house’ and ‘Pineapple house’ were crowd puller at the venue. 

Many nurseries have set up stalls and have myriad varieties of saplings on sale. Here one can find saplings of flowering plants, medicinal herbs, fruit bearing trees, ornamental plants and bonsai at good prices. 

Women were seen thronging at the nursery stalls to purchase Crysanthimum, different colours of roses, ‘zenia,’ anthorium, ‘Dahlias,’ cactus, croton plants. Farmers were keen on purchasing jackfruit saplings, pomegranate, rambutan, bread fruit and other fruit bearing plants. 

‘Jaggery unit’

A jaggery unit wherein jaggery was prepared traditionally, was another attraction at the venue. The ‘Kala grama’ at the venue highlighted different cottage industries including that of handloom, black smith, stone sculpture and, carpentry.  

A model of an integrated farming with ‘SRI’ system of paddy cultivation, jasmine cultivation, vegetables, gobar gas, arecanut and coconut plantations, vermi compost attracted the farmers. 

A kiosk highlighted livestock expo. The kiosk provided information on goat rearing, rabbit rearing, poultry including that of Turkey variety, goose, and a variety of cattle including ‘Murra’ (provides 8 to 10 litres of milk per day), ‘Saahivalu’ (seven to eight litres of milk), ‘Thar Parker’ (five litres of milk), bullock from Amruth Mahal Kaval, Malnad Gidda and others were on display. There was also a display of a machine which converts areca sheaths into fodder for cattle at the venue. 

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd has come up with a soil testing machine. The machine is capable of testing the soil and gives the result on the spot. 

Soil testing machine

On an average, the machine can test 3,000 samples of soil daily. It will provide details on nutrients in the soil and the fertilisers that can be used for increasing the fertility of the soil. Varieties of tubers including ‘Kurudubooru,’ ‘Akasha beeja,’ ‘Airole gadde’ were on display. There were varieties of banana including that of Udayam, Yengambi, Kempubaale’,  ‘Pacche baale’ ‘Kallu baale,’ ‘Rasa baale,’ ‘Yelakki baale’  on display. 

(Published 20 December 2013, 20:39 IST)

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