Truckers strike over new sand policy

Sand transporters are on an indefinite strike protesting the new sand policy. They claimed the new policy will not help in curbing corruption and alleged extortion by government officials.

Trucks which had left on Friday to fetch sand returned on Saturday and would not be operational till the stalemate ends. Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners' Association President B Channa Reddy alleged that government officials are getting a bribe of about Rs 50 lakh per day, which they do not want to forego.

He said if the truckers' demands are met, sand prices would come down but the lure for bribe was making the government officials remain adamant. 

“Natural sand is sold at Rs 50 to Rs 60 per cubic feet (cft) and it could come down to Rs 35 to Rs 45 per cft,” Reddy said. Due to faulty policy, people are compelled to buy filter sand, which pose threat to buildings, he added.

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