Important grooming to face the world

Important grooming to face the world


Important grooming to face the world

Ahead of the placement drive on the campus, final-year MBA students of Sambhram School of Management underwent a training programme in order to perform better during the placements. The four-day training programme focussed on grooming students and preparing them for the corporate world. Nearly 60 students took part in it. 

Four sessions were held on each day. 

The postgraduate students were trained on aptitude, communication skills, CV writing, presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, how to be an effective speaker in a group discussion, how to be successful in an interview, among other things. 

The programme started with an introduction of the students to their positives and negatives.  Prasun Tiwari, a student, said, “On the first day, we were introduced to our strengths and weaknesses. The session was more like exploring ourselves. By the end of the training programme, each one of us could see the difference within us. In my case, I was never confident about my presentation skills and I always feared to speak in front of a large crowd. At the end of every session, we were given feedback forms and our performances were scored. This helped us realise what was missing in us. I can see that I have improved in many ways. I feel much more confident now of speaking in front of others. On the last day, there was a mock interview and I was very happy with my performance.”        

Students who performed well were even awarded during the training programme and were encouraged to exhibit their newly-acquired skills. They got a chance to do an overall assessment of themselves on the last day. 

Mahendra, another student, said, “The objective of the programme was to introduce us to the corporate environment. Only during the training programme did we realise that we are not at all ready to face interviews. While some lacked confidence, most didn’t know how to present themselves and speak effectively. The programme has been  helpful to mould ourselves better. Since we closely interacted with professionals, they could understand what we go through as students and what was needed for us to perform better.”  The participants were also taught how to market their knowledge. The training helped them learn how to manage the gamut of affairs in future.