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Last Updated 25 December 2013, 15:50 IST

Standing between the age tradition of bronze casting and the modern trends in bronze sculpture, the Calcutta Sculptor Group intends to create bronze sculptures that embody the spirit of Indian tradition and modernity.

On this theme, a group of sculptors came together to form Calcutta Sculptor Group and is presenting their latest exhibition ‘Lyrical Bronze’ at Art Konsult till December 31.

The artists Shankar Ghosh, Prabir K Roy, Pravat Majhi, Tapas Sarkar, Kinkar Saha, Saurabh Mazumdar, Subrata Paul, Somnath Chakraborty and Subrata Biswas are the members of the group. These artists travel all over India and exhibit regularly. Defying the fact that art is for investment, these artists believe that art is all about sublimating human emotions and thinking.

Touching moments of love, intimacy, celebration and worship are the major themes that these artists shown through these sculptures. In some of the works, one could see the artists celebrating the mother and child relationship in various figurative and abstract modes.

Another popular theme for this exhibition is Lord Ganesha, whose unique sculptural form excites these artists in various ways. Other than this, a man and woman in a loving embrace, a kiss, women waiting for their lovers and, above all, the sensual and sensuous female forms are also part of these artists’ imagination. They have also worked on
social themes like labourers, education and unity.

Tapas Sarkar, one of the artists, says, “I have made three sculptures with themes like feeding, passion for creation and Neeleswaram. The sculpture with the theme ‘feeding’ shows a mother and child relationship, ‘passion for creation’ shows a labourer working passionately and ‘Neeleswaram’ is Ganesha sculpture.”

Another artist, Prabir K Roy shares his thoughts on the exhibition. “Out of my three sculptures, two of them are based on the theme ‘musicians’ and the third one is based on the theme ‘passionate dream’, where a female partner is expecting her male partner. Her body shows her passion towards her male partner.”

These are a collector’s joy and a permanent source of inspiration. As affordable they are, these works could be acquired for keepsake, gifting and even as souvenirs. Art Konsult’s aim is to promote these sculptures along with the modern contemporary art.

(Published 25 December 2013, 15:50 IST)

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