'Minority govt' YouTube video gets over one lakh hits by third day

The elected minority government of Aam Aadmi Party that got outside support of Congress made an emotional pitch to lakhs of social media users in Delhi before swearing in.

A YouTube video uploaded by the party explaining the reasons and implications of forming a minority government in Delhi crossed over one lakh views on the third day. “A team of three-four volunteers from Delhi and the US devoted their time and expertise to make the video,” AAP social media manager Ankur Srivastava said.

“A majority of people told us to form the government and prove that we can deliver. They told us to run the government for as long as we could. We bow to the people’s decision,” Chief Minister designate Arvind Kejriwal said in the two-minute-long video. 

The video also posted on Kejriwal’s official Facebook page was shared 6,000 times.With a diagram that separates Kejriwal’s party from BJP and Congress, the video explains that it will be an AAP government, which will deliver the promised 18-point agenda to bring back power to the people with Congress providing only outside support.

The video available in seven languages shows snippets of jan sabhas or ward level public meetings and argues why the party went back on its vow to forge an alliance with Congress or BJP. “Overwhelming majority of people said yes,” reads a text in the video.

“We made videos in the past as well. When people ask questions we don’t want to answer in long text and blogs,” Srivastava said, adding that such videos can be watched leisurely during tea breaks.

On the high production value of videos, Srivastava said, “We take help from our volunteers in different cities and abroad. The party doesn’t incur any cost.”

“We have made videos on what we intend to do, such as giving 700 litres of water to people, women’s safety and swaraj. But how to do it is part of government action,” he said.He said the videos are not focused only on the party’s lead campaigner Kejriwal. 

“In a video about the party manifesto we had Yogendra Yadav because he is the man behind our manifesto. And in another video we had Vinod Binny talking about jan swaraj,” Srivastava said.

“We will be happy to expand as more leaders emerge,” he added.

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