A Wednesday mars New Year festivities

mid-week blues

While many are eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 12 to uncork the bubbly and party the night away, there are some others who are unhappy that the much-awaited year-end event, December 31, falls in the middle of the week – on a Wednesday!

Some youngsters consider themselves lucky to have got an off from work and have headed out of Delhi with their families for the New Year’s Eve festivity. Take for instance Akansha Lamba, an analyst at a private bank who has managed to take off and head to Jammu over the weekend itself. “It will be a road trip with my parents so we will be halting at different places in between. We will reach Jammu by December 29 and plan to go for trekking. But we will have to return by January 1,” says Akansha as she grapples with the thought of joining back office on January 2.

Since everyone is not as lucky as her to get an off for an outing, many have planned to visit friends and attend house parties “keeping in mind the security issues that have cropped in the City since last year,” says Lalit Singh Negi, an IT engineer. Lalit is planning go for a quiet dinner with his friends and colleagues first and then “Drop my female friends at their home considering the scenario in the City. It is better to be cautious and safe than be sorry later. But after dropping them I will head to my friend’s house party while my parents party with my relatives at home,” he says ruing the fact that he has to attend office on December 31, compensated somewhat by an off on January 1.

Lalit says he is happy with his plans since he could not celebrate at all last year. “I was in office till 12,” he says mentioning his concern for booking for dinner. However, the steep prices in restaurants across the City do not bother Sahil Chhabra, a copywriter for whom, “Celebrations are more important. I don’t have big plans since they need time and thoughtful planning, but I will definitely go out for a dinner. Last year I attended a performance by Jal band and had a blast, but staying awake till late on December 31 would not be possible this time round,” he says, considering he has to report for work the next day.

The ‘booking’ at a good place to eat out with the family is also a big concern with Manisha Gupta, a marketing manager. “Even though my in-laws and me are looking for places serving good Indian cuisine but there seems to be not many places which are entertaining more guests because of prior bookings,”  rues Manisha. While most of her friends have taken an off for the occasion, she has exhausted her leaves and hopes to take a long vacation around Lohri to holiday during the long weekend.

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