Delicious fare from the 'forbidden' street

Get a taste of the European cuisine from the red-light district of Amsterdam at this theme restaurant

Located at the end of a secluded road, bathed in red and blue light, a peek-a-boo of the interior of this restaurant can be easily mistaken for a sex-shop. With street lamps stationed in various corners, there is sufficient light to read through the menu and place an order at Amsterdam Kitchen & Bar, located in one nook of DLF Mall, Saket. 

Metrolife had headed here to sample some authentic Dutch cuisine from Netherlands but finds regular European options on the menu.

Much like a tavern in the infamous red-light district of Amsterdam, the eatery serves a number of quirky drink options, with names like ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Virgin Levitation’ to pep up the visitors’ mood. For the growling stomach, a warm message by Chef Abhinav Sharma (in the beginning of the menu), to ‘prepare any dish in vegetarian version if required’ makes for a positive start.

Served with warmth, the customised platter of a selection of appetisers activates the digestive juices. From Stuffed Zucchini with Basil Pesto, Jalapeños Poppers and Potato Skin with Smoked Mushroom & Cheese (filling), the vegetarian options though aplenty are not quite complemented by the taste. The zucchini has a nice smoky flavour but jalapeno poppers are just about average. The potato skin is bland, probably due to excessive use of cheese which marred the taste of the mushroom too.

The platter also comprises few non-vegetarian starters – Beer Battered Prawns, Crispy Pimento Chicken, Fish Fingers and Filo Wrapped Lamb. All turn out to be delicious barring the little extra salt in lamb. While the crispy prawns tickle the taste buds, the tender chicken engages the hand with the mouth and crunchy fish fingers complete this romance with food!

Flavours of these linger on due to the various dips – Kiwi and Jalapeno, Peri Peri, Smokey BBQ, Hot Pepper Sauce, Sweet Pepper and Honey Mustard, that go well with different appetisers. Must check with the chef for the right combination.

Sips of Virgin Levitation, which is a sharp, spicy concoction with pomegranates in it, come in handy to decide the main course. Meanwhile, a bite of Citrus Apple & Chevre Salad gives the gourmand a shockingly refreshing taste of fresh feta cheese clubbed with red and green apples and a fine dressing.

Light foamy mash potato atop the Veg Shepherd’s Pie gives way to a bowlful of vegetables cooked in a thick curry for the main meal. The vegetarian version of the classic British dish is also stuffed with minced soya and cottage cheese. 

The preparation of Grilled Sole with garlic potato mash in lemon butter sauce stands true to the authentic European cuisine. Every bite of the fish tastes better with a dash of lemon juice. Unfortunately, Spinach Ricotta Ravioli fails to create a similar magic of flavours.

Those who like it ‘thin’, should not miss the Amsterdam Kitchen Style Sicilian Pizza, baked to perfection and those who like it ‘sweet’, must dig into the cheese cake (with flavour of lemon zest) or chocolate brownie before rounding off the meal.

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