Keeping winter chills at bay


Keeping winter chills at bay

As the mercury lowers in Bangalore, what better than a warm jacket and some boots for company. The brand Woodland echoes this sentiment. That’s why it is not only offering a variety of choice in footwear, but some great clothing as well. So the shoppers can be rest assured they have plenty to choose from when it comes to pullovers, leather jackets, shoes, boots, T-shirts and collared shirts to name a few. For the youngsters of today, these clothes offer the latest in technology as well.

A technological twist  

Woodland, as a brand, has always been known for its shoes. Not many know that it offers equally good clothing — for both men and women — as well. Currently, the ‘Autumn Winter Collection 2013-14’ is out in all the stores and offers a lot to the customers. Harkirat Singh, the managing director of Woodland, says, “We have been selling clothes since the mid 90s. In fact, 40 per cent of our sales are from clothes.” 

   He adds “Since its inception, Woodland has been committed to produce exceptional outdoor adventure collection. All our products are different from each other in terms of design, technology and features. We have a set of ambassadors who travel to different places like the Everest or Antarctica. We give them our products to use and work our line out.” 

According to him, Woodland is a category in itself. “Our products are unlike any other products produced by other brands and it is our constant endeavour to launch new and innovative products. Today, we can see the youth fascinated with technology and gadgets. Therefore, we too make an effort to produce apparels and footwear with the most upgraded technology and of optimum quality,” he adds. 

He feels that the company doesn’t manufacture generic products. Instead, it develops and manufactures products with a technological twist to suit the needs and requirements of youngsters when they head out to explore the adventurer in them. “For instance, our latest jackets consist of membranes and are waterproof. One can wear them in temperatures as less as -20 degrees. Even when a person sweats, our clothes don’t block it. This is called the ‘heat-block technology’,” he says. 

The highlights of the collection are ‘ResQ’ and ‘Warm Grip Shoes’. “This year’s winter collection includes ‘Warm Grip Shoes’ and transmitter fit jackets ‘ResQ’,” he explains. “‘ResQ’ is for the extremely adventurous people, who get lost during their travels, for instance buried in an avalanche. It consists of jackets fitted with transmitters which can help save them,” he notes. “Apart from this, we have launched jackets and hoodies in various designs and colours which are not only attractive but will surely keep the winter chills at bay,” he sums up.

Abhishek, final-year BCom, SSMRV College, wore a synthetic water-resistant photographer’s jacket along with a bright yellow T-shirt, blue pants and wood brown shoes. 

Punchline: “Since it’s winters, a jacket like this protects you from the cold. The shoes are very comfortable and you can even tuck your pants in to get a different look.”

Price: Jacket - Rs 3,495, 

T-shirt - Rs 1, 295, pants - 

Rs 2, 795 and shoes - Rs 6,995.

Salman Mohammed, a BCA graduate, Indian Academy, sported a Christmassy look with a maroon jacket, matching shoes, green pants and black T-shirt. 

Punchline: “I have always liked Woodland shoes and preferred them over the others. This jacket gives a great feeling.”

Price: Maroon jacket - 

Rs 4, 995, shoes - Rs 4, 995, T-shirt - Rs 1,195 and pants - Rs 2,795.

Devaiah, a professional, looked great in a dark leather jacket, white T-shirt, casual boots and jeans. 

Punchline: “I liked the blackish blue jacket. It’s got a unique texture, is comfortable and goes with everything. The white T-shirt complements the entire look.” 

Price: Leather jacket - Rs 14,995, white T-shirt - Rs 795, casual boots - Rs 8, 495 and jeans - Rs 3, 995. 

Vitesh Mehta, who has finished chartered accountancy from Yeshas Academy, had the most casual look of the lot as he donned a blue pullover, white T-shirt, jeans and sky blue boots. 

Punchline: “The pullover is extremely nice and fits well. Though I am more comfortable with floaters, these boots are really good.”

Price: Pullover - Rs 5, 495, boots - Rs 4, 995, T-shirt - 

Rs 1,195 and jeans - Rs 2, 895.

Avinash, a student of final year BCom, SSMRV College, wore a black leather jacket, red T-shirt, faded straight-cut jeans and dark brown formal shoes. 

Punchline: “These shoes are excellent and in trend. Since the winter season is on, I wanted to sport a jacket. I simply love the denims too.” 

Price: Jacket - Rs 14, 995, T-shirt - Rs 1,195, pants - Rs 2, 895 and shoes - Rs 5, 995.

Monish Cariappa, a professional, sported a rugged look with a dark jacket that was bright green on the inside, a dark T-shirt, brown cargos and brown boots. 

Punchline: “The shoes seem adventurous and the jacket is funky. I love my overall look. It is very good.”

Price: Jacket - Rs 6, 995, T-shirt - Rs 1, 895, cargo - Rs 3, 495 and boots - Rs 5, 495.

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