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Birthday treasures

Yes a puzzle!  Her grandfather would never give a gift without making her work for it. Her grandfather was a retired army officer and his favorite pastime was to create puzzles and write suspense stories. He would always gift Vaniya a puzzle which would lead to more puzzles and finally the grand prize, her birthday gift.

The last time her grandfather had gifted her a new, expensive watch and the year before he had organized a birthday party to which all her friends were invited. They had hidden all the gifts in her house and she was to find them herself but this time her grandfather had not even wished her. Vaniya was very sad and thought her grandfather had forgotten her birthday.

So that night when she sadly brushed her teeth and got ready to go to bed she found a white rolled paper with a red ribbon tied to it, on her bed. Excited, she opened it and read:-

Dear Vaniya,

Many many happy returns of the day. Sorry to make you wait so long for your birthday gift, here is a puzzle you have to solve before you get your gift:

The domain of the purple fairy, who lives amongst the waterfalls and lush green mountains'.

All the best.

Now Vaniya began thinking about the riddle and the more she thought the more she was puzzled. She searched the whole house for a purple fairy and the garden, and under the bushes and also paid a visit to the waterfalls near the stairs but found nothing. Tired of searching she went to her grandfather and pleaded with him to tell her what the puzzle meant. But he only told her to try harder and use her brain.

The next day when after breakfast Vaniya was sitting in the living room she was wondering what the puzzle could mean.

When she happened to glance at the wall in front of her, she found a picture of a purple fairy sitting on the rocks among the mountains. Vaniya was very happy to get the clue to her gift.  She went up to the painting and hunted for a paper, and found a piece of paper sticking out under the frame. Excitedly she pulled it out, on it was written:

'find a room with a long table'.

'This is easy' said Vaniya as she ran upstairs, to the study,  and on the table was a piece of paper sticking out under the flower pot. It was a paper torn out of a note book, but it was plain. Vaniya was heart broken. She sank down on the chair and placed her head on the piece of paper: she got the smell of a lemon! She smelt it once again and understood what it meant. Some days ago her grandfather had taught her a unique way of writing secret messages: all you had to do was squeeze a lemon and dip a paint brush in the lemon juice and write on the paper. And then you send the paper to a friend or sister or somebody.

The person who gets it, in order to read it has to heat it on a candle flame  and a faint brown writing would be visible. Now Vaniya got a candle and lit it and then heated her letter on the flame. A brown writing appeared! It read as follows;

Dear Vaniya

Happy birthday. You will find your gift in the attic.

Happily Vaniya raced up the stairs to the attic. It was dark there. She put on the lights. The attic was all decorated brightly and in the center was an object covered with black cloth.

Vaniya lifted the cloth and under  it was a red bicycle with a red ribbon tied to its handlebars! Vaniya was very happy it was the most wonderful and surprising birthday of her life.

Rhea N Muthane N Muthane
Divine Providence school,
9 ‘B’ Belgaum

You must read this poem


Clouds fill the sky;
Your life darkens and the world
Everything becomes totally
But, as with time, the clouds will
pass and
reveal the sun which was there
all the time.

As you look into the sunlight,
your face
shines again whilst your
shadow appears behind you.
The future beckons as you hold out
a nervous and shaking hand.
One step at a time, One day at a time
Slowly but surely your strength
will grow
and slowly but surely life will grow.

There was a time when every day seemed like yesterday
But there will come a time
when today greets tomorrow;
When your mirror becomes a
It is then that you will see your
future and not reflect on the past.

Have Faith, have Courage and have Hope
for you will survive.

Derek Dobson

A Dreamy Day

A dreamy day
with lots of hay
a Dreamy day
when the sun shines  away
A dreamy Day
when clouds  fly away
A dreamy day
when children play
a dreamy day
a dreamy day

Sankalp S. Shanbhag
IX (E) A Balmandir High School