Kiss and make up

Kiss and make up

Back together

If you are in a relationship and the strong vibes still persist after a break up, then it’s better to try and patch up for each other’s sake.

Patching up is possible provided you are ready to give it a shot by keeping aside your egos and other silly reasons.

Counsellor Shwetha Rao suggests a few points which can help in resuming a relationship:  

- Relationships can be patched up only if both the partners are willing to make up whole-heartedly.

- When your partner takes the initiative to make up after the fight, do not put up your price or don’t rub the issue on your partner if he or she has committed the

-  Put the issue to sleep forever after a round of discussion.

-  After patching up, do not rake the same issue again and create a mess of it. It can irritate your partner and you might end up breaking up again and this time it will not be that easy to patch up.

- Control all your feelings and make up for your fight if you have to save your relationship.

- Remain calm and accept the situation.

- Tell your loved one about how much you love him or her.

-  Learn to remain positive.

- If you have committed a mistake, accept it and apologise for what you have done.

-  If your partner apologises, accept it, forgive your partner and laugh it off.

- Don’t keep playing the blame game as it will lead you nowhere.

-  Notice the important element which you both share, which has kept you both steady.