When three countries were united

Two artistes from India and Pakistan took the stage at the Alliance Francaise recently and presented a rare classical concert.

Intending to bridge the relations between the two countries, Aliya Rasheed from Lahore, Pakistan, and Amita Sinha from Vishnupur, West Bengal, performed a jugalbandi of Dhrupad, a style of music which is common to both the countries. Accompanying the artistes on the pakhavaj was Roman Das, who hailed from Bangladesh.

The team effort of these young people from different parts of the peninsula was a rare treat for the music lovers of Bangalore and the artistes performed all the pieces beautifully. Disciples of the Dhrupad maestros ‘Gundecha Brothers’, both the singers amazed the audience with their renditions. The programme started with the alaap of raga Jog and moved on to a composition titled Sur Ka Praman Jani in Choutal and Prathama Nada Saraswati in Rudrataal. This was followed by the alaap of raga Charukesi; a composition, written by Kabirdas with music by ‘Gundecha Brothers’ and Jhini Jhini Bini. The last part of the programme comprised of raga Malkouns with alaap and a composition in fooltaal. Expressing her joy at the opportunity to perform with Aliya, Amita said, “Each piece we performed was different from the other. I have performed in the City earlier. But to be able to perform with Aliya was a blessing.” She said the concert was a great platform and that she was happy to have shared the music of ‘Gundecha Brothers’ with Aliya on stage.

   The audience was also deeply impressed by the concert. “It was delightful to see three nations coming together under the banner of music. This shows that music has no boundaries. Tonight’s show transported us to the times when this pure form of music originated,” shared Amira Begum, a music connoisseur.

   Keshav Hiremath, a fan of classical music, said, “On hearing the introduction, I realised that like most of our traditions, ‘Dhrupad’ too is losing popularity. But I’m overjoyed to see the youth showing an interest in it and promoting our culture.’

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