No less than an ordeal

No less than an ordeal

It’s that time of the year again when parents run from one school to another to buy application forms for their child, who’s about to enter LKG. As parents spend sleepless nights and keep their fingers crossed to see their child’s name on the list of selected candidates, they also shared their experiences with Metrolife.

Kumar was a bundle of nerves as he collected the form from Bishop Cotton Boys’ School (BCBS).

Having spent Rs 3,000 so far just on admission forms, Kumar said, “I’ve picked up  application forms from at least eight schools hoping that my child will get into
one of them at least. My wife and I stood in queues in different schools. In fact, I had to take leave from office just to collect the forms. And some of the application forms are priced so high.”

Even though St Joseph’s Boys’ High School had given the parents the option of downloading the form, Kumar said, “I stood in the queue from 3 pm the first day before they started issuing the forms. It was only the next day, around mid-morning, that I got my hands on a form. I had no choice but to sleep in front of the school.”
Arvind, who was at BCBS to pick up an application form for his nephew, said, “I’m doing this on behalf of my brother. He went to a couple of schools to collect the forms. But my brother is keen that his child studies in this school.”

It’s not uncommon to find anxious grandparents too at some schools to collect the forms. Anantha Raj, who was at St Johns’ High School in Frazer Town to submit the filled-in application form, said, “When I came to collect the form, I was here at 6 am to stand in the queue. A couple of hours later, my daughter also joined in. The school admission process involves a number of procedures. As grandparents, we want to help our children and grandchildren in whichever way we can.” Pointing out that they are keen that the child gets admission in the same school, Anantha Raj added, “The school is close to our house. Actually, I’m not even sure about the fee structure. Whatever it is, we have no choice but to pay.”

The cost of the admission forms is anywhere between Rs 100 and 500. While some schools like St Francis Xavier School, Sophia High School and St Joseph’s Boys’ High School issued their forms only for a few days, others like Bishop Cotton Boys’ School and St John’s High School are issuing them till January 25.

At Sophia High School, particular days have been alloted for the submission of the application forms. “The school is taking 150 applications per day in serial order. The parents will be notified if the child is selected. The admission procedure will be completed in April,” informed a source. A source from St Francis Xavier School pointed out, “There are only 35 students in a class, which is the reason why we issued the forms till January 17.”

According to Princess Frankyln, principal of St John’s High School, over 500 applications have been given out.

“We will scrutinise the application forms and take in around 220 students. The fee structure will remain the same this year (approximately Rs 30,000 per annum),” she said adding, “In the first week of March, we will display the list of selected

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