A laughter dose

We frequently hear that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but imagine a laughter club where you not just crack jokes together but watch comedy plays, stand-up comedy shows etc. Wouldn’t that make you happy always? For those who love to laugh and for the ones who don’t laugh, New Delhi Comedy Club (NDCC) is the club to be in.

 Maheep Singh, the founder of NDCC, shares the history of the club, “NDCC was founded two years ago but it was formally launched only last year. Most of our talent is based out of Delhi, all our shows until now were organised at different venues in Delhi and NCR area. We welcome talent from all over India and abroad with open arms. The main purpose to have an organisation like NDCC was to scout new talent in humour. Be it theatre or stand-up comedy, we believe, we are writing history.”

There is always a solid reason behind starting any new project, or any organisation. On this, Maheep says, “I think the idea came out of the need to make a dedicated effort to promote comedy as an art form on various platforms. There was a vacuum for a dedicated organisation like this and also pioneering to increase the audience base for comedy.”

Every reader eagerly waits to listen to the journey of one’s company as it has something special in it. “It started for me as a stand-up comedian myself and I have been fortunate to be able to write for TV, Theatre, Films, and Music companies. And there has always been an element of humour in all of this. So I was never stuck with one form of humour luckily. It started with a play called Table for two last year when we produced this play for the short and sweet theatre festival we ended up in the top 10 plays. Since then we have organised corporate shows, open mics, private shows etc. But most importantly we have started a series of comedy shows called ‘Shut the Mic Up’ that is specially designed to focus on what comedians really want to say on stage.

We give them freedom to say anything without the pressure of being appropriate. Plus we have an interview round where we interview the featured comic to bring the real person that comic is in front of audience and people are so surprised to know personal truths about comedians. And at every show we introduce new comic talents as well.”
Maheep, comedian himself says, “I can’t reveal our future projects now but I promise to generate a lot of laughter,” ends the founder.

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