A workout at home

Convenient option

In today’s busy times, not everyone can take out time to hit the gym or go for a run. At the same time, the need to focus on personal health and well being is higher than ever before.

That’s probably the reason why more and more people of different age groups have started opting to work out at home. While some set up their own gyms, others call trainers to help them practice free-hand exercises, yoga or even aerobics.

Vishal Mishra, a fitness trainer and wellness consultant, has tried both sides of the business in his career of 15 years and settled for going home-to-home to train clients in weights, yoga, pilates and aerobics. “These days, everybody wants a mixed workout where they can do maybe some cardio alongside a few yoga asanas– it’s essentially a routine that suits them, prevents them from getting bored and offers variations in exercises.

The impact of each form of exercise is different on the body and a certified trainer can help the person get the best out of each of them. When you’re working on an individual client, you have to be like a doctor as you not only regulate their diet but also focus on problem areas. I see that the youth prefer going to the gym for the music and atmosphere.

But older people who lead hectic lifestyles choose to schedule exercise into their life according to their own convenience. They prefer to have the individual attention instead of having a trainer who is simultaneously working on 20 other clients in a gym,” shares Vishal.

He adds, “The biggest advantage of training at home is that one doesn’t have to step outside to hit the gym, which requires a lot of motivation on a regular basis. Also, given the lack of personal attention in a gym, the techniques and results can be much better in the comfort of one’s home. The main advantage of a gym is that there are all kinds of equipment to use. But nowadays, most homes have basic equipment like the exercise ball, skipping rope, exercise mat, dumbbells or treadmill.”

Malvika Poddar, who prefers exercising at home, says, “I find it easier to work out at home mainly because I’m quite conscious about my body. Also, one doesn’t waste time waiting for a particular machine or spot to get free. The only downside to this is not experiencing that feeling of motivation to go that extra mile when you see others working out with a mission.”

But there are also those who swear by the benefits of the gym. “It’s motivating to see other people work out because it inspires you to work harder. You have access to a variety of weights and equipment that wouldn’t be feasible to have at home. Plus, someone experienced is there to help whenever one needs,” notes Kanan Gill, a comedian.

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